Please review and confirm the provided terms and conditions to register:

1)  All online Bidders must register, submit an application for bidding approval, and receive a bidder number before actual bidding can begin. You will receive your bidder number by email. Upon confirmation of your email address, this bidder number, and your selected password, will allow you to bid on any available item. Bidder numbers will be generated by the website, and passwords must contain at least 8 characters. By becoming a Bidder with Leachman Cattle, you give Leachman Cattle express permission to send updates and notifications via email and/or text message to the contact information provided with your account. Email notifications may be sent through our main web servers as well as additional third-party email programs.

2)  If you cannot attend the sale, contact our Leachman Sales Team and we will select bulls for you. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you are not completely satisfied when the bull is delivered, we will provide a full refund.

3)   All bulls sell with a complete vaccination program and are ready for turnout. They are guaranteed sound and healthy and sell with a complete breeding soundness evaluation.

4)  Leachman Cattle retains 100% semen collection and sale interest in all Leachman Stabilizer Bulls, and 50% semen collection and interest in all purebred bulls. If you wish to purchase semen rights, contact a Leachman Representative

5)  Leachman Cattle is offering a 90-day breeding season guarantee, starting the first day of turnout, on all bulls that we sell. This guarantee will cover your purchased bull(s) against death, injury, infertility, and loss of use. If, during the first season, you lose the use of your Leachman bull for whatever reason, we will give you credit towards the purchase of a new bull. We only ask that your herd veterinarian provide a written statement describing death, injury, or infertility. If the bull in question can be salvaged, we would like you to keep the salvage value, and a credit will be issued, less the salvage amount you receive for the bull. If the bull is turned out for breeding, then the credit will be given at 75% of the original purchase value (less any salvage value). All claims must be made within 1 year from the date of purchase and cannot exceed greater of 2 bulls per invoice or 15% of the total invoice.

Example 1: Your $5,000 bull dies before you turn him out to breed. You receive a full credit of $5,000. (Purchase Price - $0 salvage - $0 use).

Example 2: Your $5,000 bull injures his scrotum after you pull him from the cows. You sell him for $1000 in salvage. You receive a credit of $2750 ($5,000 purchase - $1,000 salvage -$1250 usage).

Requirements for a claim:

1)    All claims must be made within 365 days of purchase.

2)    A veterinary statement regarding the circumstances is required.

3)    A verbal agreement from Leachman Cattle is required prior to a bull being sold for salvage. Documentation of the salvage value of the bull, including identification of the bull on the sale barn ticket, that corresponds to the bull’s Leachman identification (ear tag and/or EID tag) is also required.

This credit can be used for the purchase of bulls, females, semen, and/or embryos from Leachman Cattle. If the credit is not used within 24 months of the date of issuance, then it will expire. 

6)  A contact for scheduling pickup, from the Seller, will be included with all paid invoices. Buyers MUST present a paid invoice, as proof of purchase, when picking up their purchase(s) from the Seller. Buyer invoices can be found by clicking on the available Invoices page button and/or from the main account profile page.

7)  Upon sale completion, Leachman Cattle will call you by phone, and send an invoice to the email address on file. Payment is required before any cattle can be picked up unless other arrangements have been made with Leachman Cattle.

8)  As a Bidder, you are completing a legal binding contract, when placing a bid on any item, that you: 1) agree to these Terms and Conditions, 2) that the placed bid is correct, 3) that you will complete the contract by paying for the item that was bid on, and 4) that you will pick up the item per these Terms and Conditions. Once the item is declared sold, it becomes the responsibility of the Buyer with all liabilities attached thereto.

9)  Users acknowledge that the online auction service may or may not function as designed for reasons beyond our control. Under no circumstances will Bidder or Seller have any claim against Leachman Cattle, Swico Software Solutions, its website designer and/or developer, host, or anyone else in the event that any applicable internet service is interrupted, for any reason, causing inability to bid and/or place items for sale. Leachman Cattle is not responsible for any missed bids.

10)  Any legal action arising from transactions related to any auction conducted by Swico Software Solutions will be conducted in Brazos County, Texas, USA, and under the current laws of the State of Texas, USA. All operations of this web page are based in Texas and operated under the current laws of Texas, regardless of user or operator computer location.

11)  These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time and Swico Software Solutions recommends that they are reviewed periodically to keep up to date on any changes. When placing any bid we remind you to review these Terms using the available links throughout the website.

12)  For more information, please contact Leachman Sales Team: Russ Princ (970) 413-0993, Jerrod Watson (303) 827-1156, Aaron Rasmussen (308) 763-1361, or Kurt Schenkel (740) 503-6270

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